About Us

A little about our mission...

 When David Crino, a teacher, coach, martial artist and dog lover, had a student of his discuss being raised in a family of dog fighters going back generations, he decided that something needed to be done to change this negative cyclical mentality. He founded FIGHT4THEM.ORG, an organization to raise awareness about the negative aspects of dog fighting and help to confidently educate young people through the use of martial arts and other sports. 

FIGHT4THEM.ORG provides positive role models such as mixed martial artists, wrestlers, and boxers who proudly wear the FIGHT4THEM logos such as, “I fight, so they don’t have to!”. The FIGHT4THEM organization has grown into a community who shows their love for dogs and disdain for dog fighting through their loyal support at dog events, martial arts tournaments, and various fight night events and on social media sites. David Crino has a message for today’s youth, “Being tough has nothing to do with how vicious your dog acts or how cruel you can be towards defenseless animals. Toughness is your ability to overcome fear and adversity by doing the right thing no matter how difficult it may be.” 

Proceeds from FIGHT4THEM.ORG merchandise sales and monetary donations are applied towards the humane education of kids, to promote athletics and alternative constructive activities to dog fighting, donated to other anti-dog fighting charities and to animal law enforcement agencies to help combat dog fighting.

Meet Our Team

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