How It Works

When you sign up for The Blockhead Box, you will receive a monthly box of durable chews, toys and high quality treats for Heavy Chewers, or your favorite Blockhead Dog.

There is also a t-shirt, hat or other gear for the dog-loving owner.     

A portion of all proceeds go to charities, rescues and humane law enforcement.   

Do something good for BSL advocacy, awareness, combating cruelty and anti-dog fighting. 

Sign up today!   

Step 1

 Sign up is easy with a simple click!
Choose your T-shirt size , your dog's size and your payment option. 

Step 2

Between the 18th and 20th of the month the Blockhead Box will be shipped to your home.

Step 3

Open the door and watch your dog's tail wag out-of-control as they dig into their Blockhead Box!


Gear,  Treats  and more...

Get dog related shirts, hats and gear, high quality dog treats and durable toys . Our boxes will be a joy to receive every month .

The Blockhead Box team always chooses the most durable toys on the market for aggressive chewers. 


Makes the perfect gift

Save for yourself, share with your friends, or give a surprise gift to a dog lover that you love! 


Need more reasons to sign up?

Besides getting a great box of gifts for you and your dog to tear into, you will also be helping dogs in need, humane education and law enforcement.  Sign up today and do something great for dogs! 

Start your box today!


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